CEO Watch: Traditional Banks and Inevitability

The global financial industry is currently on the cusp of another
revolution and traditional finservs are struggling to adapt. Blockchain
with its decentralized nature, transparency, and efficiency, is relentlessly
challenging the status quo of our global financial systems. While some
traditional institutions are dabbling with blockchain, they cannot escape
the reality that ultimately these marketing oriented experiments are
layered on top of old legacy foundations. Thus, their approach is marked
by interoperability skepticism and confusion. The bottom line is that
these traditional institutions are at their core ill-suited to compete in the
hyper-paced, 24x7, transparent, and customer-centric financial future
while digital currency fintechs are better positioned to solve issues with
inaccessibility and inefficiencies associated with traditional financial

At InfinityBit our mission is embracing transparency to empower change.
Stefano, our CMO, has demonstrated this concept in that transparency and operating in a customer centric manner buildsa strong foundation of trust in our community. We are our users and our users are us! Traditional institutions, on the other hand, often prioritize
immediate profits over customer trust. From inefficient and exorbitant
overdraft fees to decades of paying mismanagement fines, recent
headlines demonstrate a clear picture of opaque traditional systems
focused on extracting rather than serving. Like dinosaurs, traditional
institutions aren’t too big to fail, they’re too big to evolve.

The current crypto revolution is not just about a new asset class; it's
about a fundamental global cultural shift in the way we think about
transacting money and managing our finances. With their archaic
structures and entrenched interests, traditional organizations will
struggle to adapt to this new reality and will ultimately be left behind.
Digital currency fintechs, on the other hand, are well-positioned to lead
us into a more efficient and inclusive global financial system that equally
serves the professional level trader as well as the unbanked.

At InfinityBit we are at the forefront of the next financial evolution. And,
we’re inviting you to join us in embracing your financial destiny as well
as leading the way into a brighter financial future for everyone!

24-02-16 update: Our InfinityBit beta platform has been well received and we continue to make progress on its production readiness, Alyssa, our CVO continues to move the company forward, and Stefano continues the drive across our social channels, and we are deep into discussions with promising investment partners.

Stay tuned
Dixon Bernier, CEO

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