Bridging the Trust Gap: The Importance of Community

Hey everyone! I’m Stefano Migliozzi, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of InfinityBit. At the onset of the pandemic I found myself, like many of you, staring at my screen while stuck at home. As I watched the news develop and the economy take a dive, I became increasingly worried about the state of our traditional financial institutions and inflation. It also became obvious to me that blockchain technology and its growing ecosystem had profound transformative potential to close the trust gaps in finance.

At first, I spent my days trading various coins on DeFi platforms. However, I found scams were so rampant that even I eventually fell for some. These encounters made me want to work towards improving the integrity of this evolving space so others wouldn’t end up in my shoes. I began my transition from trading to taking an active role in shaping crypto communities and immersed myself in international crypto communities, eventually becoming a moderator. This led me to gain crucial experience with crypto-specific marketing, budgeting, community psychology, project and relationship management, and trust building.

In my time spent in crypto communities, I crossed paths with Alyssa in one of these crypto spaces, who blends a profound knowledge of technology and finance. She first became my mentor and then my collaborator. Together, we recognized a fundamental issue plaguing both crypto and traditional finance: the trust deficit. People harbor an inherent unease when trusting others with their money. We had extensive discussions on potential solutions.

That’s why we realized the importance of the Final Settlement Blockchain (FSB) for solving this problem. While Alyssa designed and built the technology, I set out to foster a genuine community that embraces our vision. Our community became centered around an earned trust made of countless hours of direct contact with every member in the community.

I believe that in the realm of crypto communities, there is a strong incentive for participation as well as the upholding of brand commitments when individuals have a stake in an asset. InfinityBit communicates a straightforward message: transparency is indispensable because trust cannot exist without it. This post is just the start of our new blog where we’ll dive into blockchain, trust, and the power of community in shaping the future of finance. So stick around for more insights as we expand upon how transparency and trust puts agency in the hands of traders!

Stefano Migliozzi

Co-Founder, CKO

InfinityBit International

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