The Founding of InfinityBit: A New Level of Transparency

Hello everyone! Most of our community members already know me from the Telegram group; it is now time for me to make this inaugural blog post. I am Alyssa McKeown, the Founder, Chief Visionary Officer (CVO), and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of InfinityBit. I have been fully integrated into the cryptocurrency industry since 2014. During this time, I have watched as the exchanges on which I traded vanished; including Cryptopia, Yunbi, FTX, and many others. I realised all exchanges all have a fundamental problem: complete lack of transparency. I founded InfinityBit with the vision of a new level of transparency in centralised exchanges.

Back in late 2021, while laying the groundwork for a quantitative trading firm, I started a small, centralised cryptocurrency exchange as a side project. I began writing the backend codebase and pondered how we could greatly improve on existing exchanges. I knew early on, my new exchange would hold funds 1:1. In early 2022, I met Stefano Migliozzi, who soon became my Co-Founder. When we talked about problems that plagued our industry I realised that, like me, he is enthusiastic about the crypto industry but not unaware of its issues.

Around this time, I also conceptualised what would eventually become FSB, our innovative real-time proof of reserves technology. When I shared my innovative approach with him, his excitement only confirmed that it was time for me to focus solely on InfinityBit. I appreciate Stefano for his extensive experience in marketing. Over time, a thriving community formed, which shares our excitement for a future where centralised exchanges do not operate as black-boxes.

As we move forward, I will ensure the vision for InfinityBit remains unchanged and laser-focused: to establish a new level of transparency for centralised exchanges. Transparency is at the core of InfinityBit and we will build upon it with an extensive, industry-leading ecosystem. This is precisely why I’m so excited about the path ahead as we get ready to launch in 2024.

Alyssa McKeown

Founder, CVO, CTO

InfinityBit International

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